Commissioning a Memorial

A bespoke memorial offers an opportunity to design a completely unique remembrance of a loved one. The choice of stone, shape, size and text brings with it the ability to fashion something extremely personal and of great significance to the family.

Procedure: I work with the family over a period of several months, initially talking about ideas and making lots of sketches which serve to focus on the most important elements required. We discuss stone types and look at possibilities for wording. A visit to the cemetery is essential to gage the aspect of the final memorial site and also to check any rules and regulations to be adhered to.

Gradually, a design takes shape and a final drawing of the piece and it’s wording is produced. This is then transferred into stone at my workshop and made ready for installation at the cemetery. Installation includes steel rods concreted deep into the ground to prevent the memorial moving or being vandalised.

I see the process of making memorials as a journey often leading to unexpected and exciting discoveries. There is no time limit on this whole procedure as I am fully aware of the grieving process and how important it is to allow time to make the correct decisions.