Commissioning a Portrait

A portrait can be a bust, a full length figure, or a relief carving of any part of the body in a classical, stylised or abstracted form. My portraits aim to successfully capture not only a likeness but the presence and personality of the sitter.

Procedure: I work from life wherever possible supported by drawings, measurements and photographs. The process begins in clay with a ‘pre maquettes’ which allows the client and myself to get a feel for the pose and each other. This is important as we will be working closely with each other throughout to agree every aspect including size, expression, stone type and costume. A full size clay maquette follows and I ask the sitter for at least two sessions where I work directly from life. These typically take an hour each. During this stage the client can make as many alterations and suggestions as they wish. The clay allows for these to be made easily and there is no time limit on this part of the process. It is essential for the client to feel totally happy before translating the piece into stone. What excites me most about this process is that every piece of stone brings its own unique properties to the finished portrait. This stage often involves the client in a visit to the studio for final touches.

If the piece is to be finished as a bronze, a trip to the foundry is necessary to agree the final patination. Patination is a process where the colour and finish of the bronze is applied and greatly affects the final look.

I have experience in sculpting solely from photographs if the subject is not available for a sitting. I also offer a copy carving service. I can accurately duplicate existing sculptures. Where historical figures are concerned I work with all available two dimensional references to do justice to the subject.

I am available to discuss any ideas or requirements by telephone at any time.