Grinling Gibbons national award

A national carving award aimed at early career carvers in wood and stone. Applications are now open.

The devils fireplace

This humorous carved fireplace is part of the collection of Gallery Oldham and was carved in the very early Nineteenth Century. It warns that the Devil will take sinners like corrupt lawyers and drunken priests. It was originally painted in bright realistic colours but is now plastered in no less than nine coats of paint. I am tasked with removing all of the layers and documenting the colours as I go. I will then repaint carvings in colours matching the original ones and fix it in-situ in the gallery.

Large armorial

I have been commissioned to carve this large Armorial for the portico on a prominent Stockport building.

Portrait of Rosie Todd

Arts and Crafts birdbath

Bettys and Taylors plaques

Sir Hugh Low portrait plaque

Sandstone memorial

Marianne North Portrait