I am a member of the Lettering Arts Trust which represents professional letter cutters and carvers specialising in crafted memorials.  I work closely with clients to design and produce highly personal pieces.

Fibonacci memorial

This Welsh slate memorial commemorates a fascinating man and the design draws heavily from his interests and profession.

Our Lady of Lourdes memorial.

Limestone carved memorial depicting Our Lady of Lourdes.

Norman’s Hall armorial

Large sandstone armorial carving for a new-build house.

Mobius strip memorial

Based on the mathematical 'endless figure of 8' form and caved in gritstone

Taylors of Harrogate plaques

Two large slate commemorative plaques

Victorian inspired memorial

Humming birds, lilies and draped fabric are carved onto this memorial

Harry’s memorial

A memorial in a piece of naturally riven Welsh slate

Peace plaque

Light petals and bold letters on purple slate

Monolithic slate memorial

A carved memorial in heather and green slate on private land.

Crowd of Witnesses

This curved sandstone wall is inscribed with a passage from the bible describing the 'crowd of witnesses' and forms part of a spiritual trail.

Teddy’s Stone

This is Teddy's memorial stone with an intricacy carved back panel.

Ottoman inspired memorial

I was commissioned to carve this memorial in the Turkish Ottoman style studying examples from the 13th to 19th Centuries.

The Broken Stone

This passage from the bible is dramatically illustrated by breaking the stone mid inscription.

Fiona Bone Memorial

This is a memorial for WPC Fiona Bone who was tragically killed whilst on duty.

Cumbrian Slate Tablet

I cut this memorial inscription as an additional stone to match a piece by Jonah Jones, a pupil of Eric Gill.

Morris Plaque

This small plaque is carved in Welsh slate, the letterforms are painted and gilded.

St John’s School Plaque

This plaque was carved for the unveiling of an extension to a community school.