When all the work I do is bespoke it is easy to translate skills to fit unusual requests.

Saxon quern stone

After researching Saxon querns from the North East of England I carved this replica of a 7th Century quern for a reenactment group.

Educational querns

Quern stones, both saddle and rotary designed for use by tutors and puplis/visitors alike. With ergonomic design features to make it easier for first time users

Roman travelling quern

This is a replica of a Roman 'travelling' quern used by soldiers and their retenue when on manoeuvres. It is taken from fragmentory examples found in the UK.

Amethyst boxes

Marble vegan sausage roll

A technical copy of the famous vegan sausage roll available one almost every high street.

Granite quern

A large granite quern for research into Roman ceramic production.

Church furniture

New tabernacle, font and lecture for a modern church.

Giant quern stone

This 48cm diameter quern is made copying the details from an original found during an archeological dig.

Rotary quern stones

These grinding 'machines' were developed in the iron age to superseded saddle quern stones and revolutionised the processing of grain and the making of bread.

Architectural model

A scaled sandstone model of a planned new office building.

Modern Fossils

Creating 'fossilised' contemporary objects for a magazine article.

Saddle quern stones

My recreations of Mesolithic grain grinding 'saddle' querns are made having handled and studies examples in museums.

‘Farcry’ video game publicity

I was commissioned to carve consumer items in stone for the launch of the video game 'Farcry Primal'.